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Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and Technology

Degree At A Glance:

Number of Credits 123 - 124
Cost Per Credit $ 188
Total Tuition $ 23,124 - 23,312

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The Management Information Systems & Technology (MIST) program integrates information technology, people, and business. The program provides professional preparation for persons who are interested in coordinating, facilitating and expediting functions of the office in business, industrial, and governmental organizations. Focus is on the development of computer operation skills for text processing, human computer interaction, technical and professional personnel, office environment management, processing of unstructured tasks, and the utilization of small systems. Interpersonal communication and organizational understanding are important skills that are developed. Career options are available in database administration, telecommunications, data communications, and management of business and office information.

Program Contact Information
Online Specialist Distance Learning Schedule Now with Distance Learning 229-500-2907

Albany State University recommends the following course track for transfer students.
If you would like to use a different track, please contact your Online Support Specialist.

Please see your advisor to discover how to take advantage of STACKABLE DEGREES!

Course Listing for Core Curriculum A-E
Course Title Credits
Course Listing for Core Curriculum Area F
Course Title Credits
ACCT 2101 Principles of Accounting I 3 hours
ACCT 2102 Principles of Accounting II 3 hours
BUSA 1105 Introduction to Business 3 hours
ECON 2105 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 hours
ECON 2106 Principles of Microeconomics 3 hours
MIST 2010 Fundamentals of Computer Applications 3 hours
MIST 2040 Communication for Management 3 hours

The health & wellness requirement may be fulfilled by taking one - two (2) credit hour health or wellness course OR two - one (1) credit hour health or wellness activity courses.

Course Listing for Physical Education Requirement
Course Title Credits
HEDP 1161 Human Sexuality Online 2 hours
HEDP 1163 Personal Health 2 hours
HEDP 1164 Stress Management 2 hours
HEDP 1165 Mental Health 2 hours
HEDP 1166 Drugs and Drug Abuse 2 hours
WELL 1161 Fitness I 2 hours
WELL 1162 Fitness II 2 hours
Course Listing for Area G - Business Majors required courses
Course Title Credits
BUSA 3100 Business Internship 3 hours
BUSA 4105 International Business 3 hours
ECON 3205 Economics and Business Statistics 3 hours
FINC 3105 Foundations of Financial Management 3 hours
MGMT 3105 Legal Environment of Business 3 hours
MGMT 3106 Management Science and Operations Management 3 hours
MGMT 4110 Organizational Behavior 3 hours
MGMT 4199 Business Policy 3 hours
MGMT 4205 Management Information Systems 3 hours
MKTG 3120 Principles of Marketing 3 hours

Must take MIST 3330, MIST 4206, MIST 4207, MIST 4220, MIST 4240, MIST 4260 and 12 hours of free electives with a grade of C or better are required.

Course Listing for Area H - MIST Major
Course Title Credits
MIST 3330 Human-Computer Interactions 3 hours
MIST 4206 Database Management 3 hours
MIST 4207 Systems Analysis & Design 3 hours
MIST 4220 Special Topics/Research 3 hours
MIST 4240 Computer Programming in Business 3 hours
MIST 4260 E-Commerce 3 hours

Depending on your enrollment status you may be required to take ASU 1101. ASU 1101 is required for each first-time entering freshman (part-time or full-time).

Course Listing for Area F Courses
Course Title Credits
ASU 1101 First Year Experience/Pathway to Success 1 hours

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Table of Completion Rates
Tuition and Fees Information Table
Tuition & Fees as of July 30, 2018
Tuition $23,124-23,312
Institutional Fee $225 / per semester
Technology Fee $65 / per semester

For more information on jobs related to this program, please click on the below links to the O*NET website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Table of related jobs to this degree/program
11-3021.00 Computer and Information Systems Managers
15-1121.00 Computer Systems Analysts
15-1199.09 Information Technology Project Managers
15-1133.00 Software Developers, Systems Software

This program is designed to prepare graduates to pursue a job in this field or related fields. Although career and professional development services are available to students and graduates, finding a job is the individual responsibility of the student. We do not guarantee that any student will be placed in any particular job, or at all.

Total Credits (123 - 124 Hours)