Albany State University

Certificate in Medical Coding

Program Description

Medical coders review patient medical (health) records and assign numeric codes for each diagnosis and procedure. To perform this task, they must possess expertise in the International Classification of Diseases and Current Procedural Terminology Coding Systems. This certification program is designed to prepare the student for an entry-level position as a medical coder, and eligibility to take the national credentialing exam for CCA (certified coding associate).

The student must complete any reading and English learning support area requirements and be admitted to the coding program before taking any HITE courses. A GPA of 2.5 is required to enter this certificate program, and the student must achieve a grade of “C” or better in all HITE classes.

Graduates of the Medical Coding Certificate Program are eligible to sit for the CCA (Certified Coding Associate) examination, a nationally recognized credential sponsored by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), 223 N. Michigan Avenue, 21st Floor, Chicago, IL 60601-5809, Having this credential shows prospective employers that the student has specific entry-level coding skills and pride in accomplishment.

Program Code: 0563

Program Advisors & Online Specialists

Program Advisor Misty Neal (229) 500-2244
Online Specialist Distance Learning 229-500-2907

Additional Program Admission Requirements

The Coding Certificate Program begins once a year in the fall semester. Applications must be received by May 31st to be considered for admission to the program. For full consideration of admission to the Medical Coding Certificate Program, the student must:

  1. Be admitted to Albany State University
  2. Have completed all learning support courses
  3. Present a composite score of 870 on the SAT or 19 or higher on the ACT
  4. Have a minimum  GPA of 2.5*
  5. Have completed all pre-requisites course requirements
  6. For the Coding Certificate Program:
  1.  Comply with all technology requirements as listed under System Requirements on the Albany State University Homepage.
  2. Verify a commitment to time management as required to participate in an online program
  1. Not already be enrolled in another Health Sciences Division Program


*It is the responsibility of the applying student to provide the Health Information Technology Program Director with an unofficial transcript of prior coursework and evidence of current GPA. An attached unofficial transcript is considered part of the application. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.


  1.  To continue in any Health Information Technology program, a “C” is required in all HITE courses. All of the student’s HITE coursework will be evaluated by the Program Director, and the Program Director will make the decision as to which courses should be repeated. More than two “W”, “D” or “F” in any HITE course will result in permanent dismissal from the program. (This may be two courses or failure in the same course twice).
  2. High speed internet is highly recommended for optimal use of AHIMA’s Virtual Lab applications.
  3. Because of the nature of the profession, the student is required to sign and abide by a statement that the student will honor the confidential nature of medical records. A charge of breach of confidentiality will be reason for immediate dismissal from the program.
  4. Once enrolled in the program, failure to satisfactorily complete the course work (receiving 2 “W’s”, “D’s,” or “F’s,” (see #1 above), or the exhibit of unprofessional behavior will result in the student being withdrawn from the program and deemed ineligible for re-admission to the program. Unprofessional behavior is defined as:

· Misrepresentation of self or falsifying information on the program application

· Disruptive or abusive behavior in an online class

· Breach of the confidentiality statement

· Suspicion of cheating will be dealt with in accordance with the Student Handbook Code of Conduct

Albany State University recommends the following course track for transfer students. If you would like to use a different track, please contact your Online Support Specialist.

Course Title Credits Term Grade

Pre-Requisites (13 hours)

BIOL 2411k, BIOL 2412k, BUSA 2201, ALHE 1120

ALHE 1120 Medical Terminology 2    
BIOL 2411K Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4    
BIOL 2412K Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4    
BUSA 2101 Survey of Computer Applications 3    

First Year - Fall Semester (6 hours)

HITE 2100 Health Record Content and Structure 3    
HITE 2400 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology 3    

First Year - Spring Semester (3 hours)

HITE 2150 Coding I 3    

First Year - Summer Semester (2 hours)

HITE 2160 Coding II 2    

Second Year - Fall Semester (3 hours)

HITE 2170 Advance Coding and Reimbursement 4    

This program is designed to prepare graduates to pursue a job in this field or related fields. Although career and professional development services are available to students and graduates, finding a job is the individual responsibility of the student. We do not guarantee that any student will be placed in any particular job, or at all.