Albany State University

Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology

Program Description

Albany State University - Darton College of Health professions’ two-year Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program prepares graduates to practice as a laboratory technician in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, and other health care facilities. Graduates are eligible for the national certifying exams.

This associate degree program is accredited by National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), 5600 N. River Road, Suite 720, Rosemont, Ill. 60018-5119 Phone: (773) 714-8880, fax: (773) 714-8886.

Program Code: 0365

Program Advisors & Online Specialists

Program Advisor Quontasha Glover - Education Coordinator 229-500-2238
Online Specialist Distance Learning 229-500-2907

Additional Program Admission Requirements

Additional Requirements

Clinical Assignments

The MLT program provides clinical training opportunities for students with many hospitals and clinics. Clinical  in Southwest Georgia. Clinical assignments are made by the program faculty with approved affiliates. Students must be prepared to travel to the clinical training facility.

*Students living outside of the Southwest Georgia region will need to provide the contact information for a clinical laboratory in their area willing to affiliate with Albany State Univeristy - Darton College of Health Professions in order to complete program requirements.

Albany State University recommends the following course track for transfer students. If you would like to use a different track, please contact your Online Support Specialist.

Course Title Credits Term Grade

Pre-Requisites (0-24 hours)

Must complete: ENGL 1101, MATH 1111, COMM 1110, POLS 1101, BIOL 2411k, BIOL 2412k, and *BIOL 2211k. *IMPORTANT* BIOL 2211K (Introduction to Microbiology) Is not currently offered fully online at Albany State University. We do offer this class as a hybrid option with the coursework online and the Lab on campus. In order to accommodate students who must travel to campus, we typically offer a few different sections with one (long) lab a week to minimize travel time. If traveling to our campus is not feasible for you, please contact the Registrar's Office for a transient permission letter to take this course at an institution near you.

BIOL 2211K Introduction to Microbiology - HYBRID (Not Fully Online) 4    
BIOL 2411K Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4    
BIOL 2412K Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4    
COMM 1110 Public Speaking 3    
ENGL 1101 English Composition I 3    
MATH 1111 College Algebra 3    
POLS 1101 American Government 3    

Freshman Year - Fall Semester (0-12 hours)

Select all of the following: CHEM 1211k, MLTS 1160W, MLTS 1160L

CHEM 1211K Principles of Chemistry I 4    
MLTS 1160W Medical Lab Technology I 3    
MLTS 1161L Medical Laboratory Technology II LAB 1    

Freshman Year - Spring Semester (14 hours)

Choose CHEM 1212K, MLTS 1161W & MLTS 1161L, and MLTS 1182 and one additional 3 credit hour course from the list below.

ARTS 1100 Art Appreciation 3    
CHEM 1212K Principles of Chemistry II 4    
COMM 1100 Human Communications 3    
ENGL 2111 World Literature I 3    
ENGL 2112 World Literature II 3    
ENGL 2122 British Literature II 3    
ENGL 2131 American Literature I 3    
ENGL 2132 American Literature II 3    
FREN 1002 Elementary French II 3    
JAPN 1002 Elementary Japanese II 3    
JAPN 2002 Intermediate Japanese II 3    
MLTS 1161L Medical Laboratory Technology II LAB 1    
MLTS 1161W Medical Lab Technology II 3    
MLTS 1182 Parasitology, Mycology and Virology 3    
MUSC 1100 Music Appreciation 3    
PHIL 2101 Introduction to Philosophy 3    
THEA 1100 Theater Appreciation 3    

Sophomore Year - Summer Semester (8 hours)

Must Select: MLTS 2010W, MLTS 2010L, MLTS 2020W, MLTS 2020L

MLTS 2010L Medical Laboratory Technology III LAB 2    
MLTS 2010W Medical Lab Technology III 2    
MLTS 2020L Medical Laboratory Technology IV LAB 1    
MLTS 2020W Medical Lab Technology IV 3    

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester (16 hours)

Must Select: MLTS 2630 and MLTS 2670

MLTS 2630 Medical Laboratory Technology Externship 15    
MLTS 2670 Seminars in Medical Laboratory Science 1    

Institutional Requirements (0-1 hours)

Depending on your enrollment status you may be required to take ASU 1101 (1 credit hour) ASU 1101 is required for first-time college students or transfer students bringing in less than 12 transfer credit hours.

ASU 1101 First Year Experience/Pathway to Success 1    

This program is designed to prepare graduates to pursue a job in this field or related fields. Although career and professional development services are available to students and graduates, finding a job is the individual responsibility of the student. We do not guarantee that any student will be placed in any particular job, or at all.